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N: 1. c. 1600, from Latin tonsillae, tosillae (plural) “tonsils,” diminutive of toles “goiter,” which is perhaps of Gaulish origin. Related: Tonsils.
Latin: tonsilla palatina.
A05.2.01.011: Terminologia Anatomica identifying number.
2. Biological Sciences: A general term for a small rounded mass of tissue, especially of lymphoid tissue.
3. Morphology and General Physiology; Oral Mucosa, Salivary Glands and Tonsils: (A) small, almond-shaped mass (of lymphoid tissue) located between the palatoglossal and palotopharyngeal arches (on the) side of the oropharynx.
4. tonsil: The term “tonsil” is often used without a qualifier to refer to this structure.
5. palatine tonsil: term adapted from the Terminologia Anatomica.

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SYN: palatine tonsil, faucial tonsil.

S: TERMIUM PLUS – (last access: 20 May 2018)

CR: tonsillitis