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S: WHO – (last access: 8 December 2013); (last access: 25 January 2021).

N: 1. From “screen” (v.), “to shield from punishment, to conceal,” late 15c., from screen (n.). Meaning “examine systematically for suitability” is from 1943; sense of “to release a movie” is from 1915. Related: Screenedscreening.
2.The presumptive identification of subjects with an unrecognized disease or defect by the application of tests, initial examinations or other procedures.
3. Screening is not intended to be diagnostic. It is used to sort out apparently well persons who probably have a disease from those who probably do not.
4. screening; medical screening: terms and definition standardized by the Canadian Capability-Based Planning Terminology Committee and the Translation Bureau.
5. Collocations: (illness) (organ) + screening, antenatal screening, newborn screening, screening programme, screening test.

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SYN: medical screening

S: TERMIUM PLUS (last access: 8 December 2013)

CR: early detection