GC: n

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N: 1. 1843, from mal- + nutrition.
2. malnutrition, physical condition resulting either from a faulty or inadequate diet (i.e., a diet that does not supply normal quantities of all nutrients) or from a physical inability to absorb or metabolize nutrients, owing to disease.
3. Malnutrition may be the result of several conditions. First, sufficient and proper food may not be available because of inadequate agricultural processes, imperfect distribution of food, or certain social problems, such as poverty or alcoholism. In these instances, the cause of malnutrition is most often found to be a diet quantitatively inadequate in calories or protein.

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CR: acute undernutrition, cachexia, chronic hunger, famine, food distribution, inanition, hunger, kwashiorkor, marasmus, undernourishment, undernutrition.