jet stream

GC: n

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N: 1. – jet (n): 1690s, “stream of water,” from French jet “a throw, a cast; a gush, spurt (of water); a shoot (of a plant),” from jeter “to throw, thrust” (from PIE root *ye- “to throw, impel”). Middle English had jet/get “a device, mode, manner, fashion, style” (early 14c.).
Sense of “spout or nozzle for emitting water, gas, fuel, etc.” is from 1825. Hence jet propulsion (1855, originally in reference to water) and the noun meaning “airplane driven by jet propulsion” (1944, from jet engine, 1943). The first one in service was the German Messerschmitt Me 262. Jet set first attested 1951, shortly before jet commuter plane flights began. Jet age is attested from 1952. The atmospheric jet stream is from 1947.
– stream (n): Old English stream “a course of water,” from Proto-Germanic *strauma- (source also of Old Saxon strom, Old Norse straumr, Danish strøm, Swedish ström, Norwegian straum, Old Frisian stram, Dutch stroom, Old High German stroum, German Strom “current, river”), from PIE root *sreu- “to flow.”
From early 12c. as “anything issuing from a source and flowing continuously.” Meaning “current in the sea” (as in Gulf Stream) is recorded from late 14c., as is the sense of “steady current in a river.” Stream of consciousness in lit crit first recorded 1930, originally in psychology (1855). Stream of thought is from 1890.
2. Flat tubular, quasi-horizontal, current of air generally near the tropopause, whose axis is along a line of maximum speed and which is characterized by great speeds and strong vertical and horizontal wind shears.
3. A relatively narrow, fast-moving wind current flanked by more slowly moving currents.
4. The jetstream is positioned directly over southern British Columbia (Example approved by the Avalanche Bulletin Terminology Standardization Committee).
5. jet stream: observed principally in the zone of prevailing westerlies above the lower troposphere, and in most cases reaching maximum intensity with regard to speed and concentration near the troposphere.
6. jet stream: term standardized by ISO and the Glossary for Pilots and Air Traffic Services Personnel Committee and officially approved by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
7. jetstream: term officially approved by the Avalanche Bulletin Terminology Standardization Committee.

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OV: 1. jet-stream. 2. jetstream.

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CR: cyclogenesis, explosive cyclogenesis.