herd immunity

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N: 1. – herd (n): Old English heord “herd, flock, company of domestic animals,” also, rarely, “a keeping, care, custody,” from Proto-Germanic *herdo (source also of Old Norse hjorð, Old High German herta, German Herde, Gothic hairda “herd”), from PIE *kerdh “a row, group, herd” (source also of Sanskrit śárdhah “herd, troop,” Old Church Slavonic čreda “herd,” Greek korthys “heap,” Lithuanian kerdžius “shepherd”). Of any animals, wild or domestic, from c. 1200; of people, often in a disparaging sense, from c. 1400. Herd instinct in psychology is first recorded 1886.
– immunity (n): late 14c., “exemption from service or obligation,” from Old French immunité “privilege; immunity from attack, inviolability” (14c.) and directly from Latin immunitatem (nominative immunitas) “exemption from performing public service or charge, privilege,” from immunis “exempt, free, not paying a share” (see immune (adj.)). Medical sense of “protection from disease” is from 1879, from French or German.
2. The resistance of a group to [the] spread of an infectious [disease] based on the resistance to infection of a high proportion of individual members of the group.
3. The percentage of immunized people necessary for herd immunity is specific to each infectious disease.

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SYN: group immunity

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