disabled person

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N: 1. – disabled (adj): “incapacitated,” 1630s, past-participle adjective from disable. Earlier it meant “legally disqualified” (mid-15c.).
– person (n): early 13c., from Old French persone “human being, anyone, person” (12c., Modern French personne) and directly from Latin persona “human being, person, personage; a part in a drama, assumed character,” originally “a mask, a false face,” such as those of wood or clay worn by the actors in later Roman theater. Oxford English Dictionary offers the general 19c. explanation of persona as “related to” Latin personare “to sound through” (i.e. the mask as something spoken through and perhaps amplifying the voice), “but the long o makes a difficulty ….” Klein and Barnhart say it is possibly borrowed from Etruscan phersu “mask.” Klein goes on to say this is ultimately of Greek origin and compares Persephone.
2. An individual who lacks or is partially deprived of a motor, sensory, intellectual or mental capacity.
3. A person who has a physical or mental impairment in which the physically built environment or social enviroment makes the person disabled. It puts them at a disadvantage. If the environment was moulded to their needs, then it would not be much of a disability because they would be able to continue life without much hindrance. Of course other minor things can be a hindrance but other people who don’t have any specific impairment have the same things e.g. back pain, periods…sometimes the impairment may make those normals things a little more hard to deal with. Just a little.
4. The terms handicapped and disabled person are generally used interchangeably, but they differ in their real meaning. A ‘handicap person’ is an individual who has a physical or mental disability, whereas a ‘disabled person’ is a person with some disability which is generally determined by the physical, mental, or emotional impairment.

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SYN: handicapped person, person with a disability, PWD. (context)

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CR: crippled person, disability, incapacity.