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N: 1. 1590s, from Middle French déportation, from Latin deporationem (nominative deportatio), noun of action from past participle stem of deportare.
2. The lawful removal from a country of a prohibited or criminal non-citizen.
3. Deportation is a procedure under (national) law that is distinct from expulsion in that it refers to aliens who have entered a state in violation of its immigration law, whereas expulsion affects all and primarily legally settled aliens.
4. Collocations:

  • Adj: mass the mass deportation of refugees; forced.
  • Verb + deportation: be threatened with, face; recommend sb for The Home Secretary has recommended the two drug dealers for deportation.
  • deportation + noun: order The government issued a deportation order against the four men.
  • Phrases: the threat of deportation.

5. Cultural Interrelation: We can mention the novel The Deportation of Wopper Barraza written by Maceo Montoya in 2014.

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CR: asylum, banished person, banishment, deportee, expulsion, extradition, international humanitarian law, repatriation, return.