GC: n

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N: 1. 1874, from Modern Latin cocaine (1856), coined by Albert Niemann of Gottingen University from coca (from Quechua cuca) + chemical suffix -ine. A medical coinage, the drug was used 1870s as a local anaesthetic for eye surgery, etc.
2. It is a powerful drug which some people take for pleasure, but which they can become addicted to.
3. An addictive narcotic drug derived from coca leaves or synthesized, used medicinally as a topical anaesthetic. Formula: C17 H21NO4.
4. Stardust, gold dust, rich man’s drug: american drug slang for cocaine.

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SYN: coke, bernies. (depending on context)

S: TERMIUM PLUS – (last access: 8 April 2020)

CR: addiction, alkaloid, amphetamine, drug, fentanyl, LSD, methylenedioxymethamphetamine, narcotic.