GC: n

S: NHS – (last access: 8 April 2020); URMC – (last access: 8 April 2020).

N: 1. 1907, from sero-, combining form of “serum”, + “-logy”. Related: Serologicalserologist.
2. The branch of science dealing with the measurement and characterization of antibodies and other immunological substances in body fluids, particularly serum.
3. Serology is used e.g. in medical diagnostic procedures to detect and/or quantify particular antigens or antibodies.
4. STIs [sexually transmitted infections] may be diagnosed in the laboratory using (a) culture, (b) microscopy, (c) antigen detection, (d) nucleic acid detection, (e) serology and (f) surrogate markers.

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SYN: orrhology (obsolete)

S: GDT – (last access: 8 April 2020)

CR: coronavirus, COVID-19, serological test.