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N: 1. 1590s, from Late Latin reparationem (nominative repatriatio), noun of action from past participle stem of repatriare “return to one’s own country,” from Latin re- “back” + patria “native land”.
2. Different meanings:

  • The return of someone to their own country.
  • The sending of money back to one’s own country.

3. The return, voluntary or otherwise, of prisoners of war, refugees, etc. to their home country or country of habitual residence.
4. The UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has outlined the proper conditions for an ideal repatriation: fundamental change of circumstances, removal of the causes of refugee movements; voluntary nature of the decision to return, freely expressed wish; tripartite agreements between origin, host, and UNHCR to provide formal guarantees for the safety of returning refugees, and return in dignity under conditions of absolute safety.
5. Convention III of 1949 (Prisoner of War) was agreed upon in Geneva in 1929. It reflected the problems of treatment and repatriation of war prisoners, which came to the fore in World War I.

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CR: asylum, deportation, expatriation, expulsion, extradition, immigration, refugee, repatriated person, schemes to assist repatriation.