minor ailment

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N: 1. – minor (adj): early 13c., menour “Franciscan”, from Latin minor “less, lesser, smaller, junior,” figuratively “inferior, less important,” formed as a masculine/feminine form of minus on the mistaken assumption that minus was a neuter comparative, from PIE root *mei- “small.”
Some English usages are via Old French menor “less, smaller, lower; underage, younger,” from Latin minor. Meaning “underage” is from 1570s. Meaning “lesser” in English is from early 15c.; that of “less important” is from 1620s.
– ailment (n): “sickness, disease, indisposition,” 1706, from ail + -ment.
2. A minor ailment is defined as a health complaint which, by simple actions, patients could handle themselves.
3. Minor ailments are conditions which, with simple actions, patients could handle themselves.
In all, 28% of the observed consultations in out-of-hours primary care were partly or totally spent on addressing minor ailments.
There is a significant potential for reducing time spent on counselling patients seeking help for minor ailments by empowering patients to rely increasingly on self-care.
4. Minor ailments (MA) contribute to a considerable amount of the total workload for general practitioners and thereby represent poor utilization of doctors’ resources. A British study of consultations in general practice showed that doctors classified 7% of the consultations as “unnecessary”, and that the minor ailments could be handled by a pharmacist.
5. infirmities or minor ailments? “Infirmities refer to conditions or problems of the body that cannot be cured with human ability or methods. It does not refer to minor ailments.
Infirmities refer to symptoms paralysis or degeneration of some body parts causing speech disorders, hearing-impairment, visual-impairment, walking disorder, or polio”.
6. Cultural Interrelation: We can mention the book Fountain of life (2013) by Dr. Jaerock Lee.

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CR: altitude sickness, disease, malaise.