LRRD approach

GC: n

S: ODI – (last access: 27 October 2016); EC – (last access: 27 October 2016).

N: 1. – LRRD (initialism): Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development.
– approach (n): mid-15c., from approach (v.). Figurative sense of “means of handling a problem, etc.” is first attested 1905.
2. Emergency relief operations deal with immediate needs, but should also find ways to boost resilience to future crises by providing longer-term development benefits and strengthening risk management. This approach is called Linking Relief, Rehabilitation and Development (LRRD).
3. Rights-based approaches that focus on duty-bearers’ responsibilities and people’s ability to claim their rights, rather than their needs, have been identified by some analysts as more promising avenues for practical applications of the LRRD approach (Buchanan-Smith and Fabbri, 2005; Slim, 2000; Christoplos, 2006). Such approaches can provide a framework for linking relief and development by shifting the focus to underlying problems, such as the denial of rights and freedoms that is often at the root of vulnerability and poverty.

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CR: humanitarian aid