humanitarian convoy

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N: 1. – humanitarian (adj): 1794 (n.) in the theological sense “one who affirms the humanity of Christ but denies his pre-existence and divinity,” from humanity + suffix from unitarian, etc.; see humanism. Meaning “philanthropist, one who advocates or practices human action to solve social problems” is from 1842, originally disparaging, with a suggestion of excess. As an adjective, by 1834.
– convoy (n): early 16c., “the act of guiding or escorting for protection,” from convoy (v.), late 14c., from Old French convoier, from Vulgar Latin conviare, literally “go together on the road”. The meaning “train of ships or wagons carrying munitions or provisions in wartime under protection of escort” is from c. 1600.
2. UNICEF, with United Nations partners and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, concluded a six-day humanitarian aid convoy to Rukban camp in southeast Syria near the Jordanian border. This is the first convoy to the camp from within Syria, where nearly 50,000 people live, the majority of whom are women and children. The last aid delivery to the area was in January from Jordan.

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SYN: humanitarian aid convoy

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CR: humanitarian action, humanitarian aid, humanitarian assistance.