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N: 1. Origin of “ground”: before 900; (noun) Middle English grownd, grund, Old English grund; cognate with Dutch grond, German Grund; (verb) Middle English grundien, grownden “to set on a foundation, establish,” derivative of the noun.

2. grounding = beaching: when it takes place specifically on a beach.

3. grounding: Bringing vessel’s keel deliberately into contact with the bottom so that she ceases to be completely waterborne. This “deliberate contact” happens while the vessel is moored or anchored as a result of the water level dropping. In his Dictionary of Marine Insurance Terms (TRAN 107), R.H. Brown writes under the entry “Grounding”: “Although synonymous with stranding, the term grounding is used when a vessel runs aground in an area where groundings are so common that the insurer of the ship considers it should not be deemed stranding. In most hull policies, there appears the “Customary Groundings Clause” whereby it is stipulated that grounding in the Suez Canal, Panama Canal, River Danube and other specified places shall not be deemed a stranding so that underwriters do not pay the cost of sighting the bottom for damage.

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CRbeaching place, floating dock, dry dock, shipyard, shoal, stranding, stranding site.