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S: (last access: 4 July 2015)

N: 1. High winds, as sudden as they are violent, sometimes arise in the Bay of Biscay. This odd weather phenomenon is called “galerne.” It is especially prevalent in the Basque country and the south Landes region in France (from Santander to Hossegor). Called a brouillarta in Biarritz, or embata in Hendaye, this wind whips up near the coasts between May and September, on days when the land and the sea differ greatly in temperature.
2. A squally NW wind over the English Channel and off the Atlantic coast of France and northern Spain.

S: 1. (last access: 4 July 2015). 2. METEOTERM/VMI/OMM (consulté le 4.07.2015).


CR: cyclogenesis, explosive cyclogenesis, low-pressure area, storm, thunderstorm.