GC: n

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N: 1. “Head of a group of ten” (early 14c. as alcofol), from Old French deien, from Late Latin decanus “head of a group of 10 monks in a monastery”. Meaning of  “president of a faculty or department in a university” is by 1520s (in Anglo-Latin from late 13c.). Extended meaning “oldest member in length of service in any constituted body” is from mid-15c.
2. The dictionary Merriam-Webster collects four definitions as a noun:

  1. the head of the chapter of a collegiate or cathedral church
  2. a Roman Catholic priest who supervises one district of a diocese
  3. the head of a division, faculty, college, or school of a university
  4. a college or secondary school administrator in charge of counseling and disciplining students.

3. Elected or appointed head of a school, faculty or college within a university.

4. Administrative position within an institution, e.g. dean of women students.

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CR: doctor, education, faculty, teacher.