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N: 1. Also cease-fire, “a cessation of shooting,” 1916, from verbal phrase cease fire, 1847 as a military command (formerly also signaled by bugles), from cease (v.) + fire (n.) in the gunnery sense. Generally two words until after mid-20c.
2. Temporary stoppage of war, which may also be undertaken as part of a larger negotiated settlement.
3. Relevant ceasefires XX and XXI centuries:

  • Spanish Basque separatist group, Eta, ceasefire on 20, October, 2011. The armed Basque separatist group Eta today announced a ceasefire, raising hopes of a new peace process with the Spanish government but giving few clues about how that might happen.The announcement was made in a video showing three masked Eta militants sitting behind a table with the group’s axe and snake symbol behind them. “Eta announces that it took the decision several months ago not to carry out armed actions,” one of the militants, a woman, said.The group has killed more than 800 people in a 50-year campaign for an independent state made up of four Spanish provinces and part of south-west France.
  • Gaza ceasefire: Israel and Palestinians agree to halt weeks of fighting on 26 ,August, 2014. Hamas and Islamic Jihad – the main militant groups in Gaza – the Palestinian Authority and Israel agreed on an open-ended ceasefire beginning at 7pm on Tuesday evening, bringing relief to civilians on both sides of the border. The Israeli army said in a statement on Wednesday that there had been no reports of violence since the ceasefire began.

4. Not to be confused with “armistice”, which is a ceasefire marking the permanent end of war.
5. In artillery and naval gun-fire support, an order given to terminate firing on a specific target is called end of mission (NATO).
6. Collocations:

  • Adj.: complete; immediate; unilateral.
  • Verb + ceasefire: call for, demand, order; achieve, secure; agree (to), declare, sign; broker, negotiate; call; observe; break, violate.
  • ceasefire + verb: come/go into effect; hold, last.
  • ceasefire + noun: agreement, terms.
  • Prep.: ceasefire between.
  • Phrases: a violation of a ceasefire.

7. Cultural Interrelation: We can mention the movie Ceasefire! directed by Owen Crump in 1953.

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OV: cease-fire

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CR: armistice, truce.