GC: adj

S: MEDLP – (last access: 11 November 2014); STUD – (last access: 1 December 2018).

N: 1. early 14c., from Old French benigne (12c., “kind, benign, merciful, gracious;” Modern French bénin, fem. bénigne), from Latin benignus “kindly, kindhearted, friendly, generous,” literally “well born,” from bene “well” + gignere “to bear, beget,” from genus “birth”.
2. Not malignant. A benign tumor is one that does not invade surrounding tissue or spread to other parts of the body; it is not a cancer.
3. In the field of Cancers and Oncology: benignant, non malignant (synonyms).

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CR: cyst, tumor.