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N: 1. From Vulgar Latin ulcerem, from Latin ulcus (genitive ulceris) “ulcer, a sore,” figuratively “painful subject,” from PIE elk-es- “wound”.
2. A local defect, or excavation, of the surface of an organ or tissue, which is produced by the sloughing of inflammatory necrotic tissue. Referred to a breach on the surface of the skin or on the surface of the membrane lining any cavity within the body, which does not tend to heal quickly.
3. The term “ulcer” was recommended by the Medical Signs and Symptoms Committee.
4. Collocations:

  • Common Noun Collocations of ulcer: disease, patient, base, edge, treatment, history, perforation, margin, stomach, surface, floor, pain, heal, site, pathogenesis, incidence, management, therapy, development, formation, presence, bottom, diagnosis, size, appearance, asthma, case, colitis, foot, symptom.
  • Common Verb Collocations of ulcer: be, have, develop, bleed, may, form, heal, treat, increase, get, associate, perforate, do, make, include, cause, suffer, apply, know, find, become, can, will, leave, begin, result, should, surround, produce, appear.
  • Common Adjective Collocations of ulcer: peptic, duodenal, gastric, non, perforate, chronic, such, ulcerative, rodent, present, anti, active, stomach, small, corneal, simple, little, acute, solitary, superficial, large, posterior, pressure, other, rectal, open, ill, stress, benign, common.
  • Common Adverb Collocations of ulcer: also, not, where, when, directly, particularly, away, prevalently, often, frequently, sometime, quietly.

5. Cultural Interrelation: We can mention History of Ulcer Diagnosis and Treatment.

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SYN: ulcus

S: TERMIUM PLUS (last access: 5 December 2014)

CR: Buruli ulcer, cankerous, healthy wound, open wound, psoriasis.