seismic hazard zone

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N: 1. Seismic Hazard Zones are regulatory zones that encompass areas prone to liquefaction (failure of water-saturated soil) and earthquake-induced landslides.
What does it mean to be located within a Seismic Hazard Zone? It means that the state has determined that there is likely that weak soil and/or rock may be present beneath the property. If present, these weak materials can fail during an earthquake and, unless proper precautions are taken during grading and construction, can cause damage to structures. If a property is undeveloped, a site-specific investigation by a licensed engineering geologist and/or civil engineer may be required before the parcel can be subdivided or before most structures can be permitted. If the property lies within a mapped Seismic Hazard Zone, that fact must be disclosed by the seller to prospective buyers.
2. Abbreviation: SHZ.

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