GC: n

S: WHO – (last access: 21 May 2016); (last access: 21 May 2016).

N: 1. 1640s, from recurrent + -ence. Related: Recurrency (1610s).
2. Two definitions:

  • return of symptoms of a disease after a remission.
  • reappearance of a tumor after previous removal.
  1. recidivation: relapse, recurrence, or repetition, as of a disease or condition or of a pattern of behavior, particularly a criminal act.
    4. Sometimes, despite the best care and significant progress made in treatment, cancer comes back. When this happens it is called a recurrence or relapse. The likely relapse occurs is that a few of the original cancer cells survived the initial treatment. Sometimes, this is because cancer cells spread to other parts of the body and were too small to be detected during the follow-up immediately after treatment.

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SYN: recidivation

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CR: cancer, disease, flashback.