Marburg hemorrhagic fever

GC: n

S: CDC – (last access: 1 December 2013); (last access: 28 July 2015).

N: Marburg hemorrhagic fever is a rare, severe type of hemorrhagic fever which affects both humans and non-human primates. Caused by a genetically unique zoonotic (that is, animal-borne) RNA virus of the filovirus family, its recognition led to the creation of this virus family. The five species of Ebola virus are the only other known members of the filovirus family.

N: CDC – (last access: 1 December 2013)

GV: Marburg haemorrhagic fever

S: WHO – (last access: 28 July 2015)

SYN: 1. Marburg hemorrhagic, Marburg disease. 2. Marburg virus disease, Marburg disease, green monkey virus disease, green monkey disease.
S: 1. DORLAND p. 693. 2. GDT.

CR: Marburg virus