LDL cholesterol

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N: 1. LDL: Abbreviation for low density lipoprotein.
cholesterol (n): white, solid substance present in body tissues, 1894, earlier cholesterin, from French cholestrine (Chevreul, 1827), from Greek khole “bile” (see cholera) + steros “solid, stiff” (see sterility). So called because originally found in gallstones (Conradi, 1775). The name was changed to the modern form (with chemical suffix -ol, denoting an alcohol) after the compound was discovered to be a secondary alcohol.
2. The form of cholesterol associated with increased build up in blood vessel walls and increasing risk of heart disease.
3. Cholesterol can’t dissolve in the blood. It must be transported through your bloodstream by carriers called lipoproteins, which got their name because they’re made of fat (lipid) and proteins.
4. The two types of lipoproteins that carry cholesterol to and from cells are low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, and high-density lipoprotein, or HDL. LDL cholesterol and HDL cholesterol, along with one fifth of your triglyceride level, make up your total cholesterol count, which can be determined through a blood test.

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GV: LDL-cholesterol

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SYN: bad cholesterol (familiar)

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CR: cholesterol, cholesterolemia, HDL cholesterol.