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S: Business Dictionary – (last access: 5 November 2013); TERMIUM PLUS.

N: 1. “property,” late 13c., from plural of good (n.), which had the same sense in Old English. Meaning “saleable commodities” is mid-15c.; colloquial sense of “stolen articles” is from 1900; hence figurative use, “evidence of guilt.”
2. Goods in the field of Commerce: An inherently useful and relatively scarce tangible item (article, commodity, material, merchandise, supply, wares) produced from agricultural, construction, manufacturing, or mining activities. According to the UN Convention On Contract For The International Sale Of Goods, the term ‘good’ does not include (1) items bought for personal use, (2) items bought at an auction or foreclosure sale, (3) aircraft or oceangoing vessels.
3. Goods in the field of Economics: A commodity, or a physical, tangible item that satisfies some human want or need, or something that people find useful or desirable and make an effort to acquire it. Goods that are scarce (are in limited supply in relation to demand) are called economic goods, whereas those whose supply is unlimited and that require neither payment nor effort to acquire, (such as air) are called free goods.’
4. Property (Law): Article, item, or thing owned with the rights of possession, use, and enjoyment, and which the owner can bestow, collateralize, encumber, mortgage, sell, or transfer, and can exclude everyone else from it. Two basic kinds of property are (1) Real (land), involving a degree of geographical fixity, and (2) Personal (anything other than real property) which does not involve geographical fixity. Personal property is subdivided into tangible property (any physical animate or inanimate object) and intangible property (intellectual property).
5. Collocations:

  • Adj.: consumer, electrical, electronic, household, luxury a shop selling electrical goods | durable, perishable | mass-produced | cheap, low-priced | branded, own-label | duty-free | second-hand | defective, faulty, shoddy | stolen | counterfeit, fake.
  • Verb + goods: make, manufacture, produce | buy, purchase | export, import | sell, supply | deliver | transport.
  • Goods + verb: train, vehicle, wagon | depot, yard.

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