court clerk

GC: n

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N: 1. Middle English, from Anglo-French clerk & Old English cleric, clerc, both from Late Latin clericus, from Late Greek klērikos, from Greek klēros lot, inheritance (in allusion to Deuteronomy 18:2), stick of wood; akin to Greek klan to break.
The first time ‘court clerk’ was used was in 1789 according to ‘Order in the Courts: A History of the Federal Court Clerk’s Office.’ Section: Federal Court Clerks in the New Nation and the Early Republic.
2. Officer of a court of justice who has charge of the clerical part of its business, who keeps its records and seal, issues process, enters judgements and orders, gives certified copies from the records, etc.
3. Officer of court who files pleadings, motions, judgments, etc., issues process, and keeps records of court proceedings.
4. Functions and duties of clerks of court are usually specified by statute or court rules.
5. Clerk of process is used in the Supreme Court of Canada.
6. Cultural Interrelation: We can mention the related media representations Night Court (TV series 1984-1992).

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SYN: clerk of the court, registrar of the court, court registrar, clerk of process, clerk of court, registrar.

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CR: bailiff