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S: NHS – (last access: 21 April 2017); WebMD – (last access: 21 April 2017).

N: 1. Late 14c., from Medieval Latin catarrus, from Late Latin catarrhus, from Greek katarrhous “a catarrh, a head cold,” literally “a flowing down,” earlier kata rrhoos, ultimately from kata “down” + rhein “to flow”. Related: Catarrhalcatarrhous.
2. Inflammation of a mucous membrane; especially: one chronically affecting the human nose and air passages.
3. Respiratory tract: The inflammation of a mucous membrane, especially in the air passages of the head and throat, with a free discharge of mucus.
4. Collocations:

  • Noun: production of, symptom of.
  • Adj.: chronic
  • Verb: to cause, to be caused by, to be left with, to get rid of, to lead to, to occur, to persist.

5. Cultural Interrelation: The Oxford English Dictionary quotes Thomas Bowes’ translation of Pierre de la Primaudaye’s The (second part of the) French academie (1594) “Sodainely choked by catarrhes, which like to floods of waters, runne downewards.”

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CR: cold