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N: 1. From Ancient Greek βλέννος (blénnos, “mucus, slime”) + Latin -phobia, from Ancient Greek φόβος (phóbos, “fear”).
2. An excessive and irrational fear of moist and viscuous fluid, such as slime.
3. Blennophobia is the irrational and persistent fear of icky, gooey, and slippery slime that can occur in some people. Slime can be found in nature or can be man-made and are usually transparent, sticky and viscous. This fear could have been triggered by seeing a person getting slimed on television such as in the horror movies where people might be swallowed alive by aliens and opening up the aliens’ belly would reveal the person still whole and covered in thick gooey slime but already lifeless. Some might fear that slime can have an offensive smell or it can have germs in it so they get anxious when they see it.

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SYN: myxophobia

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CR: anxiety, belonephobia, phobia.