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N: 1. Borrowed from French bélonophobie or bélonéphobie, from Greek belónē “needle” + French -o- + -phobie.
First Known Use: circa 1909.
2. Belonephobia is an unreasonable and altered response due to the fear of needles. It affects up to 10% of the population and has implications for treatment and follow up, especially in the paediatric setting. A three step behavioural approach involving recognition and relaxation, control and preparation, and graded exposure, can be effective in overcoming belonephobia. This will assist with non-urgent minor procedures being undertaken.
3. Related term or near-synonym: trypanophobia (an excessive and irrational fear of receiving an injection or of having one’s skin pierced with a needle).
5. Cultural Interrelation: Princess Resurrection OST – Sympathy for the Belonephobia.

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GV: belonophobia

S: MW – (last access: 23 July 2015)

SYN: aichmophobia

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CR: blennophobia, erythrophobia, hemophobia, phobia.