alimentary toxic infection

GC: n

S: (last access: 7 December 2015); (last access: 7 December 2015).

N: Alimentary toxic infection (ATI) are acute diseases with digestive manifestation in the large majority of cases as a result of consume of contaminated food with some microbial species and/or their toxins.

S: (last access: 7 December 2015)

SYN: 1. alimentary toxi-infection. 2. alimentary toxiinfection, alimentary toxicosis.

S: 1. (last access: 2 September 2015); (last access: 2 September 2015). 2. DAM (last access: 2 September 2015).

CR: foodborne disease, food poisoning, microorganism, salmonella, salmonellosis, toxi-infection.