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N: 1. mid-13c., from Old English þunor "thunder, thunderclap; the god Thor," from Proto-Germanic thunraz, from PIE (s)tene- "to resound, thunder" (cognates: Sanskrit tanayitnuh "thundering," Persian tundar "thunder," Latin tonare "to thunder"). Swedish tordön is literally "Thor's din." The intrusive -d- also is found in Dutch and Icelandic versions of the word. Thunder-stick, imagined word used by primitive peoples for "gun," attested from 1904.
2. A sharp or rumbling sound which accompanies lightning. It is emitted by rapidly expanding gases along the channel of a lightning discharge.
3. Thunder is the noise caused by the explosive expansion of air due to the heat generated by a lightning discharge. Thunder may have a sharp cracking sound when lightning is close by, compared to a rumbling noise produced by more distant strokes.
4. Cultural Interrelation: Related to Native American Mythology, we can mention the thunderbird, an enormous bird (according to many Northwestern tribes, large enough to carry a killer whale in its talons as an eagle carries a fish) who is responsible for the sound of thunder (and in some cases lightning as well).
We can mention as well the movie Thunderheart (1992) directed by Michael Apted.

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CR: lightning, natural disaster, thunderbolt, thunderstorm.


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