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N: 1. mid-14c., from Old French translator (12c.) or directly from Latin translator "one who transfers or interprets, one who carries over," agent noun from transferre.
2. Different meanings:
  • A person who translates from one language into another, especially as a profession. ‘the translator of Hardy's poems into Icelandic’.
  • A computer program that translates from one programming language into another.
  • A television relay transmitter.
3. Generally speaking, a translator takes materials, whether a written document or an internet site, and converts the language in question into the equivalent in the requested target.
A translator may work freelance, for a translation agency, or even in-house. And there really is no limit to the language pairs that they work in.
4. A translator, at a grass roots level, converts one language to another in written form. An interpreter, on the other hand, works in spoken languages.
While both translators and interpreters need a clear understanding of the source and target languages, the skillset is not the same and neither are the tools of the trade, compensation, or places of work.
5. Canada: In the National Occupational Classification (NOC), an official occupational title in Group 5125 - Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters.
6. Collocations:
  • Adj.: Dutch, Japanese, etc. | professional | freelance working as a freelance translator
  • Translator + verb: translate from/into sth, work from/into sth translators working from Portuguese into English.
7. Cultural Interrelation: We could mention the novels The Translator (2013) by Nina Schuyler and The Translation of Love (2016) by Lynne Kutsukake.

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CR: dragoman, interpretation (EN), interpreter, translation.


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