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The Agency’s services encompass education, health care, relief and social services, camp infrastructure and improvement, microfinance and emergency assistance, including in times of armed conflict. Available from: https://www.unrwa.org/(external link)

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USC - University of South Carolina. University Libraries Rare Books and Special Collections. Available from: http://library.sc.edu/p/TCL?(external link)

USCCB Unites States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Available from: http://goo.gl/EF3tIQ(external link)

USCIS - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services administers the nation’s lawful immigration system, safeguarding its integrity and promise by efficiently and fairly adjudicating requests for immigration benefits while protecting Americans, securing the homeland, and honoring our values. Available from: https://www.uscis.gov/(external link)

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US DepSt - U. S. Department of State.The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department. Available from: https://www.state.gov/(external link)

USHMM - United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Available from: http://www.ushmm.org/(external link)

UTD - Up To Date. Software system that is a point-of-care medical resource. Avaicable from: https://www.uptodate.com/home(external link)

U-T San Diego. Website of local news from San Diego. Available from: http://www.utsandiego.com/(external link)

UWH - University of Wisconsin Health Science. Available from: http://www.uwhealth.org/(external link)

V-Vulcan. Igneous rocks. Available from: http://vulcan.wr.usgs.gov/LivingWith/VolcanicPast/Notes/igneous_rocks.html(external link)

VA New England Healthcare System. Primary Care: Patient Information Handbook. Available from: http://www.newengland.va.gov/docs/v1patienthandbook.pdf(external link)

VCDH - Virginia Center for Digital History. Available from: http://www.vcdh.virginia.edu/index.php?page=VCDH(external link)

VetBact - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science. Available from: https://www.vetbact.org/?startpage=1(external link)

VINTARS - The Vienna INternet Terminology And Reference System, United Nations Office at Vienna. Available from: https://cms.unov.org/vintars/VINTARSDefault.aspx(external link)

Virginia Center for Digital History (see VCDH).

Virtual Medical Centre.com. Website of Health and Medical Information for Australia. Available from: http://www.virtualmedicalcentre.com/(external link)

VOCAD – Vocabulary.com Dictionary. Available from: https://goo.gl/MR3CgE(external link)

VW – verywell. (2016). Verywell is a friendly online resource where you can explore a full spectrum of health and wellness topics, from comprehensive information on medical conditions to useful advice on fitness, nutrition, mental health, pregnancy, and more. The Verywell family of brands, including Verywell Health, Verywell Fit, Verywell Family, and Verywell Mind. Available from: https://www.verywell.com/(external link)

vwHealth - Verywell Health is an award-winning online resource for reliable, understandable, and up-to-date health information on the medical topics. The Verywell family of brands, including Verywell Health, Verywell Fit, Verywell Family, and Verywell Mind. Available from: https://www.verywellhealth.com/(external link)

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WaPo / WP - The Washington Post, a major American daily newspaper published in Washington, D.C.. WP Company LLC (“The Washington Post”), Washington D. C. (USA). Available from: https://www.washingtonpost.com/(external link)

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries. Available from: http://www.lni.wa.gov/(external link)

WB - Worldbank. The Office of Ethics and Business Conduct (EBC) ensures staff members understand their ethical obligations to the World Bank as embodied in its Core Values and the various rules, policies, guidelines under which they operate. Available from: http://www.worldbank.org/(external link)

WDI - Who Discovered It. Information about: arts and crafts, food, geography, health, history, science. 2016. Available from: http://www.whodiscoveredit.com(external link)

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WFP - United Nations World Food Programme. Available from: http://www.wfp.org/(external link)

WHO - World Health Organization. The United Nations public health arm. Available from: http://www.who.int/en/(external link)

WHum - World Humanitarian Day. Available from: https://www.worldhumanitarianday.org/en(external link)

WikiDiff - What's the difference between. Available from: https://wikidiff.com/(external link)

Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia. Available from: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/(external link)

Wiktionary - Wiktionary. The free dictionary (2017) A WIKIMEDIA project. Powered by MediaWiki. Available from: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/Wiktionary:Main_Page(external link)

WilsCent - Wilson Center. The Wilson Center, chartered by Congress as the living memorial to President Woodrow Wilson, is the nation’s key non-partisan policy forum. In tackling global issues through independent research and open dialogue, the Center informs actionable ideas for Congress, the administration, and the broader policy community. Washington, D.C. (USA). Available from: https://www.wilsoncenter.org/(external link)

Wired - CNMN Collection © 2018 Condé Nast. All rights reserved. Available from: https://www.wired.com/(external link)

wiremesh - Golden Metal. Company which specialized in manufacture and export WIRE MESH. Our company located in Anping county,the Native Land of Wire Mesh in China. Available from: https://www.wiremesh-goldenmetal.com/(external link)

WL - Weather Lexicon. DreiTageWetter is a registered word/figurative mark (register number: 302014056123).
Further information is available at the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA). Available from: https://www.dreitagewetter.de/en/weather_lexicon/about_weather_forecasting.php(external link)

WLR - Weight Loss Resources. Evidence-based, comprehensive programme for people who want to lose weight healthily and sustainably. Weight Loss Resources Ltd, 2C Flag Business Exchange, Vicarage Farm Road. Peterborough PE1 5TX (UK). Available from: https://www.weightlossresources.co.uk/(external link)

WNMDT - Whonamedit. A dictionary of medical eponyms. 1994 - 2016 Ole Daniel Enersen. Available from: http://www.whonamedit.com/(external link)

Wordnik. Wordnik is the world's biggest online English dictionary, by number of words. Wordnik is a nonprofit organization, and our mission is to find and share as many words of English as possible with as many people as possible. Available from: https://www.wordnik.com/(external link)

Worldwide Helpers. Platform to connect volunteers around the world. Available from: http://www.worldwidehelpers.org/wwh(external link)

WP - Washington Post (see WaPo)

WFP - World Food Program (see UNWFP)

WRLDAT - Worldatlas. Available from: https://www.worldatlas.com(external link)

WVI - World vision. Committed to making a positive and lasting difference in the world, and driven by our desire to serve God, World Vision has become a global leader in improving and transforming the lives of children, their families, and their communities. Available from: https://www.wvi.org/(external link)

Yale - University of Yale. Copyright © 2019 Yale University · All rights reserved. New Haven, CT 06520, 203-432-4771 (USA). Available from: https://educationstudies.yale.edu/;(external link) https://www.yale.edu/;(external link) https://www.yale.edu/academics(external link)

YouTube - YouTube. 2016 YouTube, LLC. Available from: https://www.youtube.com/(external link)

YD - Your Dictionary. YourDictionary.com is owned by LoveToKnow, an innovative online media company with rapid fire growth. The family of privately-held LoveToKnow websites including YourDictionary.com, LoveToKnow.com, Trails.com, and GolfLink.com, is dedicated to providing useful, high quality and unique content to Internet users. Available from: https://www.yourdictionary.com/(external link)

YH - Your Hormones. Developed and managed by the Society for Endocrinology. Available from: http://www.yourhormones.info(external link)

YV – Yad Vasehm. World Center for Holocaust Research. Jerusalem, Israel. Available from: http://www.yadvashem.org/(external link)

Oral sources:

MO - Mark Oakley, lecturer in translation studies at Universidad Europea de Madrid and freelance translator.

PB - Peter Bonney, reviser at Universidad Europea de Madrid.


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