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S: http://www.unaids.org/en/Resources/PressCentre/Featurestories/2007/May/20070517intdayagainsthomophobia/(external link) (last access: 6 March 2013); http://www.unesco.org/archives/multimedia/index.php?s=films_details&pg=33&id=1905#.VAgb-6PHl_c(external link) (last access: 4 Sewptember 2014).

N: 1. homophobic (adj.) by 1971, from homo- (2) "homosexual" + -phobia + -ic. Related: Homophobe; homophobia (which word is said to date from 1969).
2. Dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people. 1960s: from homosexual + -phobia.
3. First Known Use of HOMOPHOBIA: 1969.
Irrational fear of, aversion to, or discrimination against homosexuality or homosexuals.
homophobic (adjective).
4. Collocations:
  • adjective + (n.)homophobia: affective, deep, internalized, polish.
  • verb + (n.)homophobia: accuse, address, assess, attribute, base, combat, confront, deal, eradicate, experience, internalize, predict, promote, reinforce, reveal, sanction.
  • (n.)homophobia + verb: antigay, associate, bully, contribute, correlate, educate, exist, express, influence, measure, relate.
  • noun + (n.)homophobia: ageism, anti-semitism, attribution, bigotry, bullying, harassment, homosexual, homosexuality, intolerance, lesbian, magnitude, misogyny, oppression, prejudice, racism, religiosity, sexism, sexuality, shame, xenophobia.
5. Cultural Interrelation: We can mention the movie Homophobia (2012) directed by Gregor Schmidinger.

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CR: intolerance (EN)


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