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S: UNHCR - https://bit.ly/2VI9nXg;(external link) https://bit.ly/2M6rC41(external link) (last access: 3 November 2016); LawCorn - https://bit.ly/2RkV5xa(external link) (last access: 3 November 2016).

N: 1. early 15c., from Old French donacion (13c.), from Latin donationem (nominative donatio) "a presenting, giving," noun of action from past participle stem of donare "give as a gift," from donum "gift," from PIE *donum "gift" (source also of Sanskrit danam "offering, present," Old Church Slavonic dani "tribute," Lithuanian duonis "gift," Old Irish dan "gift, endowment, talent," Welsh dawn "gift"), from root *do- "to give".
2. The act or an instance of donating: as
a: the making of a gift especially to a charity or public institution.
b: a free contribution: gift.
3. Differences between "donation" and "grant":
  • Donations and grants are forms of giving something like cash, services, and goods that can be a benefit for people who are in need.
  • A donation is given by anyone usually for charitable purposes and to benefit a cause while grants are funds given by a specific party, particularly the government, corporations, foundations, educational institutions, businesses, or an individual.
  • Grants undergo different processes before they are approved. It requires approved grant writing before goods or services are given while donations can just be asked directly of someone or to a specific institute. Without a letter of request, donations may or may not be given.
  • Donations are given wholeheartedly while grants usually need to be asked for before it is given.
  • Grants are usually given by the government for specific purposes while donations are given voluntarily without any requirements.
4. Collocations:
  • Adj. generous, handsome, large, substantial; small; company, corporate; personal, private; public; voluntary; charitable, political; cash, financial; blood, organ.
  • Verb + donation: give, make, send; get, receive; appeal for, ask for; depend on, need, rely on.
  • Prep. in donations; donation to; donation towards.
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CR: back donor, humanitarian aid.


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