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S: UNICEF - http://bit.do/ezHHz(external link) (last access: 12 March 2012); UN - http://bit.do/ezHHY(external link) (last access: 30 October 2018).

N: 1. inequality (n.): early 15c., "difference of rank or dignity," from Old French inequalité (14c.) and directly from Medieval Latin inaequalitas, from Latin inaequalis "unequal," from in- "not, opposite of" (see in- (1)) + aequalis "equal" (see equal).
2. Collocations:
  • Adj.: considerable, great, marked, substantial Inequalities of income would lead to even greater inequalities in access to health care. | real | growing, increased/increasing | global, regional | class, economic, educational, gender, income, pay, racial, sex/sexual, social, socio-economic, structural.
  • Verb + inequality: cause, create, lead to | maintain, perpetuate | reinforce | increase | reduce | remove | rectify, redress.
  • Inequality + verb: exist | arise from sth, be based on sth inequalities based on racism and social class | persist, remain | increase | decline.
  • Prep. ~ between economic inequality between men and women | ~ in gender inequality in education.
  • Phrases: inequalities of opportunity/power/wealth, a pattern of inequality.
S: 1. OED - http://bit.do/ezHJc(external link) (last access: 4 September 2014). 2. OD - http://bit.do/ezHJj(external link) (last access: 29 May 2015).


CR: misery, poverty, poverty line, underprivileged.


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