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N: 1. From noun "alkali" (late 14c., "soda ash," from Medieval Latin alkali, from Arabic al-qaliy "the ashes, burnt ashes" -of saltwort, which abounds in soda due to growing in alkaline soils-, from qala "to roast in a pan"; later extended to similar substances, natural or manufactured; the modern chemistry sense is from 1813) and word-forming element "-osis" (expressing state or condition, in medical terminology denoting "a state of disease," from Latin -osis and directly from Greek -osis, formed from the aorist of verbs ending in -o; it corresponds to Latin -atio).

2. Alkalosis is a pathological condition resulting from accumulation of base in, or loss of acid from, the blood or body tissues.
3. The two main types of alkalosis:
  • Metabolic alkalosis results from either acid loss (which may be caused by severe vomiting or by the use of potent diuretics `substances that promote production of urine´) or bicarbonate gain (which may be caused by excessive intake of bicarbonate or by the depletion of body fluid volume).
  • Respiratory alkalosis is a disturbance in acid and base balance due to alveolar hyperventilation. Alveolar hyperventilation leads to a decreased partial pressure of arterial carbon dioxide (PaCO2). In turn, the decrease in PaCO2 increases the ratio of bicarbonate concentration to PaCO2 and, thereby, increases the pH level; thus the descriptive term respiratory alkalosis. The decrease in PaCO2 (hypocapnia) develops when a strong respiratory stimulus causes the respiratory system to remove more carbon dioxide than is produced metabolically in the tissues.<br/>{DIV}
4. Cultural Interrelation: The Andromeda strain (1971) is a cinematographic adaptation of the book of the same name by Michael Crichton (1969). One of the characters has respiratory alkalosis.
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CR: artery, CO2 (EN).


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